About Us

Who Are Young Urologists of Russia?

Young Urologists in Russia: The European Association of Urologists defines a young urologist as an urologist under the age of 40 or the urologist who has completed their residency within the last 5 years, irrespective of their current academic position. In Russia we have different situation. The education process is still understandardization and basically very poor. It is still own responsibility of urologist to gain knowledge. So it takes little bit more time to grow. So we define young urologists in Russia under 45

Aim of YUA of Russia

The Young Urological Association of Russia was formed as a non-profit organisation with the aim of fostering better communications between urologists that have completed their training in Russia in the field of urology. YUA will work on all scientific and social requirements needed to develop the future generation of urologists. This association will work towards publicising and supporting all educational opportunities aimed at young urologists in our own country and abroad.


  1. To plan activities to support new urologists in our own country for the management of their careers
  2. Identify and work towards alleviating any short-comings in the education of new consultants
  3. Structuring and promotion of post-residency clinical or scientific studies
  4. Promotion of sub-specialty programmes, encouraging participation on a national and international level, bringing sub-specialization to a level of requirement of an academic career
  5. Hosting social events to encourage professional tolerance and sense of community
  6. Supporting all fellowships, academic education and proficiency testing
  7. Encouraging new consultants to participate at an international level and intensify their professional relationships while at the same time working with new urologists in other countries with the same aim

The International Young Urological Association (IYUA) was founded in December 2010. It differs from other national and international “medical specialty” associations by aiming to be a “complementary and supportive” association that exists on the international platform to cultivate manpower for all such urology associations worldwide. Having first been introduced in Turkey, the urology resident and young consultant model was particularly well received and accepted in Europe and has since aimed to become active in America, Europe and other countries chosen to be representatives by young academic urologists. In line with the basic aim of the association, the members of the board of directors are our fellow urology residents who are working or have worked in various teaching clinics and organizations. The aim of this association is to raise awareness and support the progress of our colleagues that have both administrative and scientific merit. This association plans what is essentially the second step in a urology career on an international level – being a “young attending”. It deals with everything from the vocational, social, personal and most importantly academic expectations of this process. The main goals can be summarized as focusing on the problems of our young colleagues in a comprehensive manner, planning work on a voluntary basis and most importantly ensuring the delivery of personal projects to the masses.